Localized cryotherapy solution for health & recovery professionals


The Cryofan for localised Cryotherapy is increasingly used in cosmetology, dermatology, traumatology and sports medicine for its’ healing properties. The Cryofan allows us to pinpoint to any area of the body that we would like to treat with intense cold. The Cryofan makes use of a cool gas stream, which is attained from liquid nitrogen vapour. The stream of air reaches temperatures around -130° C/-260°F.

  • Alleviation of Pain

  • Reduction of Inflammation

  • Lower Muscle Tension

  • Reduced Swelling

  • Improved condition of burnt tissue

  • Cosmetic Benefits


The treatment with the Cryofan usually takes from 10 – 20 minutes depending on the area and condition treated. The equipment itself is quite compact in size, and it can be used conveniently in any health clinic, sports facility or beauty shop.

The Cryofan can be used without medical licenses and by non- medically qualified personnel, however all future operators of the Cryofan are required to attend a training session on operation and safety. Prior experience in physiotherapy or body care are recommended. The Cryofan is defined as cosmetology equipment for body care, nevertheless the product is in fact medically certified and can be used in a medical setting.

The main operational advantages of the Cryofan are its portability, efficiency, noise-free operation and ease of use. Time required for startup and in reaching the working temperature is under 1 minute, while the consumption of liquid nitrogen per procedure does not exceed 1 liter of liquid nitrogen for the entire session.