the latest cryosauna


The CRYO XCTM combines state of the art hardware, software and security to provide a highly capable, reliable and client-oriented product that is a pleasure to work with. Thanks to smart engineering, your running costs will be cut down to minimum to give you the best return on our investment.


The advantages of the XC are greater exposure to the cool air, while offering maximum safety for clients in the form of additional safety features, increased efficiency with LN2 and a perfectly dry feeling during sessions.

The XC makes use of a magnetic valve by bursting the necessary coolant from the pressurized tank into the vapor mechanism followed by the transformation of LN2 into gasiform air that enters the cabin.

The XC is intended for frequent use and is built to serve a higher number of back to back clients. The pressurized system in the XC is preferred by fitness centers, sports clubs, clinics and large facilities that require larger capacities or those seeking high efficiency in the working day. The drying cycle in the XC is sped up by additional heating elements that allow for shorter maintenance breaks.

The Cryoniq designed system allows to keep track of the number of sessions and has implemented tools that are capable of independent diagnostics.

  • Convenient

    Added safety features & heating elements

  • Economic

    4-6 liters LN2 consumption per session

  • Design

    Clean design with focus on functionality

  • Design Customisation

    Exterior & Interior customisation options

  • Profitable

    Up to 15 clients per hour

  • Ecological

    2kWh electricity consumption; LN2 coolant

  • Clever

    Smart & convenient UI with remote diagnostics & support


Choose from the color options & pick your favourite combination. We offer team colors & other color options on request.